Will you be running the One Thing Internship at other times?

Currently the One Thing Internship will run twice a year – starting in July and January - as long as we have sufficient numbers.


What is the age range?

Most OTI students are between 20 and 35, but so far we’ve had interns from 19 through to 65. There’s also a wide range amongst the staff on base, so you’ll feel right at home no matter how ‘young’ you are.


Is the One Thing Internship a YWAM thing or a House of Prayer thing?

The internship is run by YWAM, and takes place on the YWAM Furnace base, but at its centre is the ‘Furnace Prayer Room’ – a house of prayer in the city of Tauranga.  The internship leaders have a long association with both YWAM and the house of prayer movement, in New Zealand and overseas. We’re excited about the coming together of prayer and missions.


Can you give me an idea of the weekly schedule?

We have two-plus hours of teaching every day – mostly in a lecture format but with lots of discussion.  Teaching also takes place in elective workshops.  We’re in the prayer-room around 10 hours a week, with specific sessions two mornings a week plus one evening. We also have ‘small groups’ once a week; a city-wide YWAM community night, with worship and teaching; and a weekly ‘family night,’ which is dinner and hanging out together at a staff-member’s home or at the beach.


10 hours a week in the prayer room? Help!

The majority of our interns have not been in a prayer-room environment before and at first it can sound a little daunting.  You’ll find it’s actually enjoyable! There are different types of prayer sessions, eg devotional, ‘worship with the Word’ and intercession; we’ll explain more before the first session. The music is usually live, with talented musicians and singers, and as well as spending time in prayer, many people read or journal or study. You’ll find it restful and  inspiring.  Most interns say the prayer room is one of the highlights of the internship.


What happens on weekends?

Weekends are free. Every Saturday we provide the opportunity for you to see another part of this amazing country, with day-trips to places like Rotorua and Cathedral Cove.  These trips are covered in the activity portion of your course fees. On Sundays, there are always vans going to various local churches in the Tauranga area. If you have your own car, you’re welcome to leave the campus on weekends or during any free time in the schedule.  YWAM vans may also be available.


What can you tell me about the campus?

The One Thing Internship takes place at the Faith Bible College campus, which is also the home of the YWAM Furnace base and the Furnace Prayer Room. It is set in rural Welcome Bay, on the outskirts of Tauranga, New Zealand’s  fifth largest city, and widely known as one of the most desirable places in the country to live. The campus is peaceful and very green, featuring large trees and extensive gardens. It is a 15-minute drive from the beautiful beach at Mount Maunganui, and 20 minutes to downtown Tauranga.  There will usually be other schools running at the same time on campus, for example YWAM’s Discipleship Training School programmes or Faith Bible College courses on ministry and leadership.


Where do we stay?

Singles stay in one of our dorm rooms: there are usually four beds to a room, but whether a room is actually full depends on how many students are on campus at the time.  Married couples have  private double rooms. 


Can I stay off-campus?

If you live in the city already, you are welcome to stay at home and commute to the campus.  That said, we’d encourage you to be ‘all in’ and come live on base - because juggling home-life with the requirements of the course can be stressful. But it’s up to you. If you choose to remain at home, the course fees will be cheaper. Locals can also choose not to do any of the weekend trips, meaning you would not need to pay the ‘activity’ portion of the  fees.  Please contact us for more details.


I have no previous YWAM experience, is that OK?

Absolutely!   There are no prerequisites, other than a desire to know and love Jesus more.  We’re keen to see people from all walks of life embrace this one-month intensive season: tradespeople, professionals, artists, missionaries, musicians, politicians (we wish!), local church staff, students, and more.  So far most OTI students come from all over the world, but we are praying more Kiwis will join us, too. Nau mai, haere mai! (Come! Welcome!)


For more  information about the YWAM Furnace base  – airport pick-ups, internet, laundry, documentation, the weather, and more – please see our general FAQ here.