What we are

The prayer room exists to establish a place where Jesus is the centre of the gathering, and where individuals can unite through music led prayer meetings. The room welcomes both the devotionally inclined and those ready to appeal unto God for a breakthrough of justice. Our goal is to orchestrate the prayer of Jesus, that on earth it would be as it is in heaven where there is never ending prayer and worship around God’s throne.  

Worship With the word

A singing bible study that is devotional in nature and provides an atmosphere for reading the bible and personal prayer. Worship with the Word combines corporate worship with meditation and revelation of the Word of God through song. Singers meditate on a chosen passage and participate in an on-the-spot bible study of the passage. Rather than speaking and discussing cross – references and personal revelations, they sing them and powerfully proclaim the Word of God.

How to Engage?

Join in by meditating on the passage during the worship, and singing the Word of God as the musicians facilitate.

Devotional worship

This prayer model is designed to provide an anointed atmosphere for individuals to meditate on the Word of God as they linger in His presence. The songs and music style are devotional – there’s an environment of worship and adoration in which we can sit at Jesus’ feet the way Mary of Bethany did. It is a time of intimate worship that is perfect for you to seek God in prayer and Bible study. 

How to Engage? 

Join in by preparing for a ‘one thing’ focus of adoring Jesus. Seek the Lord in quiet meditation of scripture, journalling, or dialoguing with the Him.


Corporate praise and worship where individuals are invited to engage in prayer over specific topics. Anyone who comes has the opportunity to pray privately, in a small group, or publicly on the microphone. Prayer is combined with worship using written prayers of the New Testament apostles and spontaneous singing. Each singer agrees with spoken prayers, responding with short declarations and choruses which the room can sing together. 

How to Engage? 

Join in by leading the room in prayer from the microphone, or agreeing with the prayers through singing the choruses.


Faith Bible College

749 Welcome Bay Road

Welcome Bay 3175

Tauranga, New Zealand

Current Prayer Room Schedule

(updated 10 May, 2019)


8am - 10am - Devotional

10am - 12pm - Worship With the Word


7pm - 9pm - Intercession


8am - 10am - Devotional

10am - 12pm - Intercession

12pm - 1 pm - Devotional