The First Commandment.

When directly asked, Jesus endorsed as the greatest ambition of mankind, to love the Lord their God with the entirety of their heart, soul, mind and strength as their devotion to Him. What Mary of Bethany did is the heart response and devotion that Jesus is after. Likewise, we value the First Commandment: to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength above all.

The Worth of Christ.

The prayer and worship movements revolve around Jesus. All things are by, through and for Him. In Him we live, move and have our being. It is the Father’s intention to magnify His name above all else, and we gladly worship Him because He is worthy.

The Centrality of the Word.

We rely upon the Word of God for the transformation and renewal of our minds, lives, and communities. We trust His truth to usher us into the fullness of all He has planned. It is the basis for all our studies, teachings, songs and prayers.

The Body.

We celebrate cultural diversity and personality differences, and are committed to meekness and humility as we relate and work together. Respect and honour are non-negotiable community values. We pursue brotherly love as expressed in our speech, actions and attitudes. Together, we strive to live holy lives in corporate accountability.

The Day of the Lord.

We believe a focused commitment to both biblical doctrine and encountering Jesus in the place of prayer and fasting is essential. We’re determined to equip messengers and prepare a generation for His return. Our community postures ourselves as a beachhead to prepare labourers entering the harvest throughout the nations.