One Thing Internship

The foundation of our internships are built upon this: encounter God in a community of worship and prayer, behold His beauty through simple devotion, and develop a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer. 

One month. One thing.

In Psalm 27:4, King David described the central element of the life of a believer as a preoccupation with “one thing”—the glory and beauty of Jesus. In Luke 10, it was said about Mary of Bethany that she had chosen the “one thing necessary” when she gave Jesus her full attention. This four-week intensive is for anyone to give a month of their lives to an intentional pursuit of this reality. The One Thing Internship is immersed in a mission campus with a Prayer Room at its centre, surrounded by people committed to seeing worship and prayer fill the nations.

The Lord is bringing Prayer and Missions together in our generation like never seen before. Out of this movement, a great harvest of souls will be brought into the Kingdom of God before Jesus’ return. Central to the global outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the cry for believers to gather in the place of prayer, fasting, and extravagant worship to seek the face of God.

The One Thing Internship will give a foundation for the vision, values, and expression of both personal and corporate prayer and worship. You will grow in both the knowledge and understanding of God, who continually invites us to partner with Him in prayer, that His great purposes would be accomplished on the earth.

Each of the four weeks of the internship will have a different focus:

Intimacy – The love and beauty of God

Urgency – Jesus’ return is coming quickly

Forerunner – Messengers are being raised up to prepare the way for His coming

Prayer & Missions – The role of prayer in global missions

You will have classes with guest speakers who will unpack these topics, along with other practical tools to equip you to live a “One Thing” lifestyle in whatever God has called you to. Foundational to this all, you will spend approximately 10 hours per week in the Prayer Room, in the place of personal study and corporate worship and intercession.

Here in New Zealand, the Lord has invited us to have a part to play in this great story He is writing in the nations.

So, we extend this invitation to you—come and be part of what He is doing here at the ends of the earth!

One Thing Internship: January 21st 2019- February 15th 2019