"I have loved having so much time set apart for just seeking God and learning more about who He is and how I can connect better with Him."

"I have fallen in love with Intercession. I know that when I intercede I am participating in what God is doing in the nations."

"My favourite time in the prayer room was when God showed up and left me in a puddle of snot and tears."

"When the internship first started, I found it difficult to connect with the Lord in prayer. One thing I have learned/am continuing to learn is that the Lord does not want me to strive. It is better to slow down and connect with the real man Jesus than to get through more chapters in the Bible."

"I came ready and longing for this extended time in the prayer room and actually found it a great place to connect with God. I loved having the devotional sets going and had many powerful encounters with God in those times."